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How We Market Your Home

Our goal is to get your home sold for the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time. This process begins with educating you to help you with pricing your home and preparing it to go to market in it’s best light in order to appeal to what buyers are looking for.  Our extensive marketing strategy is one of the many things that sets our team apart.

The “old school” way of selling real estate involved putting a sign in the yard, listing the home on MLS and praying it sold. Unfortunately, this is the way that many real estate agents continue to market homes. However, this method is becoming less and less effective as the process buyers go through to search for a home continues to change with the internet and technology.

It is important to work with a real estate professional who has adjusted the way they market your home to the way buyers are searching for homes like yours. Our marketing team has been certified in the latest inbound marketing methodologies in order to utilize the best practices in attracting buyers to your home.

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Internet Marketing

97% of buyers shop online prior to purchasing a home and 46% end up purchasing a home they first found online. Our expert marketing strategies ensure that your home is getting the best online exposure and can easily be found by buyers.

Leading-edge tech tools give us the edge in effectively marketing your property online, 24 hours a day, seven days a week! Through the exclusive Keller Williams Listing System (KWLS), your property is fed to more than 350 online search engines and is syndicated to more than 76,000 websites!

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Social Media

Your home will be featured on Social Media, greatly increasing your home’s exposure to potential buyers.  We will run a customized paid Social Media Campaign to target qualified buyers in your area who are most likely to purchase your home. Social Media is about connecting with people and cultivating relationships, making it a valuable tool for marketing your home.

Brokerage Websites

We realize that other Brokerage websites are very important to giving maximum exposure of your home to as many buyers as possible.  That is why our technology allows us to market your home not just to buyers working with a Keller Williams agent but also to buyers working with agents from all other real estate companies.

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Search Engine Optimization

We realize the value of having a strong online presence. We have invested in a number of technologies to increase our online exposure as a real estate team in order to drive more traffic to our website. The goal is to add as many buyers to our buyer pool as possible so that we already have buyers ready to purchase your home by the time we list it.

Professional Photography

Recent studies have shown that when professional photography was used to list a home, the perceived value of the home went up almost 33% and the home was three times more likely to sell in under 30 days!

All listings will receive complementary Hi-Definition professional photographs with our Basic Editing package, and Luxury Homes will receive HDR photographs, our Advanced Editing package & Overhead Aerial photography.

Luxury Home Michael Tunnell Photography

Home Staging

Part of our expertise in the Real Estate business is knowing what Buyers are looking for in a home. You need a fresh set of eyes from a professional to help you prepare to show your home in a way that appeals to the most buyers. We will help you with tips on staging your home and knowing what improvements will help to sell your home for the most money in the least amount of time.

In addition, we have access to Professional staging companies that can do partial or full home staging for an additional fee.  Studies show that professionally staged homes typically sell 30% – 85% faster than un-staged homes and sell for 5% – 20% more money.

Professionally Designed Print Marketing

All of our Website, Social Media & Print Marketing materials are professionally designed by our Marketing Team. All listings will receive complementary professionally-designed and printed full color property flyers with photos of your home and a list of the unique selling features. These will strategically be placed in the home for interested buyers to take with them so that they do not forget any details of what makes your home so great!

Professional Print Marketing

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